1. What is HF Affiliates?

2. Proč se stát forexovým partnerem?

3. How can I register to become an affiliate of HotForex?

4. How to activate your Affiliate account

5. Are there any fees to join HF Affiliates?

6. Kde mohu získat HotForex bannery a jak je poté zobrazím?

7. How does the Affiliate link work?

8. Jak funguje provizní struktura?

9. What is the commissions structure available?

10. Can I add my real trading account or my relatives under my Affiliate link?

11. How can I monitor the commissions on my Affiliate account?

12. Does HF Affiliates offer reporting tools?

13. Jakou minimální částku si mohu vybrat?

14. When are the Affiliate commissions paid?

15. Jak vás mohu kontaktovat?

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Terms and Conditions Apply
Disclaimer: As an HF Affiliate you are not permitted to offer investment advice to clients. Please read the Affiliates Agreement Terms and Conditions for more information.