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Why Choose HF Affiliates?

HotForex is an award-winning broker recognized and respected throughout the industry for its commitment to openness, transparency and the provision of industry-leading services to traders and affiliates alike.

Our dedicated scheme, HF Affiliates is targeted at individuals from around the world. We want our associates to stay with us for the long-term for a number of reasons including our rewarding commissions plans and a multi-tier affiliate tracking system. Moreover, when you decide to become an HF Affiliate you too will benefit from full marketing support and complimentary promotional materials, as well as prompt on-demand support from our dedicated Affiliates Department.

At HF Affiliates, we strive to support our associates, help them to grow their businesses and unleash their full potential – come and experience this first hand!

Not just a mission, it's a promise

Our Mission is To Provide the Best Customer Service to our Afilliates by maintaining a Superb Affiliate Centric Culture. In this way we will achieve our Vision of maintaining our position as a Market Leader known for our Superior Customer Services

We Set High Standards

Our standards drive us forwards and enable us to support our Affiliates the way they should be supported, so that you can grow your business to its full potential! We have key values that we keep in mind at all times:

  • We respect and value our Affiliates & Clients
  • We appreciate and act on feedback
  • We maintain a positive working atmosphere
  • We are reliable and can be trusted
  • We are not afraid to innovate
  • We take full responsibility for our actions

Pushing the boundaries

With many years of active trading experience across multiple platforms and markets, the progressive and dynamic HotForex management team recognized that traditional web based forex brokers would be placed under increasing pressure due to their delays in executing trades, frequent system failures and poor overall customer service. As a result, HotForex aims to lead the way forward through the use of cutting-edge technology, innovative systems solutions, low cost commissions and unrivalled customer service.

Social Responsibility


Disclaimer: As an HF Affiliate you are not permitted to offer investment advice to clients. Please read the Affiliates Agreement Terms and Conditions for more information.